Saturday, August 16, 2014

Tip: For a laughter-filled home, raise one of your children to be a comic artist

Things like this will happen:

Recently we’ve had a handyman about the house and I keep on stumbling across him in various states of un(der)dress, or in my work-at-home-clothes (today’s theme was hobo/cat lady)

or while making strange faces and/or noises

and it’s just a little hard to keep my cool and act natural when suddenly confronted with a strange man in a space where I did not expect to find one. But I do my best!



  1. Those are amazingly good.
    Can I have your daughter's site again?, or the place to see more of her comics. We love her style.

    1. Sure -- Deviantart is where she uploads lots of her art, and Smack Jeeves is where you can read her comics.

  2. Thanks, for some reason, I am horrible at subscribing, I thought I had and I hadn't subscribed to the comments, so I was not hearing your responses to those comments I left you... I got it now, I am heading to those two places to enjoy Katherine's talent.


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