Monday, June 6, 2005

We've found a good home for Mr. Fishy but we can't quite decide what to do with Kitty. He's a sweet cat and much loved by our dibbuns, but he's an outside cat and he seems to belong more to this yard and neighborhood than he does to us. I'm concerned that if we take him with us, he'll run away.

Does anyone have any advice?

Saturday, June 4, 2005

The hardest part of getting the house ready to move is using up the last of the food. I always seem to end up with things that I can't quite make a meal out of without having to buy something else...

In seventeen years as a military wife, I've moved ten times, and most of the times have been in the rain. Four years ago when we found out we were coming to the desert, my first thought was, "Oh good! Surely it won't rain while we're moving!" Well, it rained when we moved into the rent house. It rained when we moved into this house. And it's been raining off and on for the past week. They're not predicting rain for next week when the movers are scheduled to be here, but we'll see...

Needing some inspiration and structure in educating my younger ones, I'm thinking of using Ambleside Online next year. I think I first found this link at Cindy/Dominion family's blog.

Three of my younger children are at my mom's in Arkansas having fun. Two nights ago, Mom and Pa took them to the rodeo, arriving around 7 p.m. The boys seemed to really enjoy it, but around 9, Princess Grace laid down on the bleachers and announced, "I have had just about as much of this as I can stand!"

Our big table is lonely with a third of the family missing from it. We've taken out the two leaves and closed it up, so the six of us can sit close together.

Today we discovered in our town a little grocery store that sells locally grown organic produce, honey, and eggs. Ain't that just the way it always is? I'm not a good networker in real life. Just a couple of weeks ago, my husband came home from work and said one of his coworkers had told him that her next-door neighbor is part of a food co-op that buys real milk. Turns out the woman is a member of our homeschool group, and just happens to be the mom I talked to the most while our kids were in ballet lessons. Now why didn't I find this out two years ago? I should send my husband to the homeschool mom's meetings and ballet lessons. He'd've found that out right away. He's the kind of person who comes home from running errands and tells me about all the people he met and their life stories. Some people are just gifted that way, I guess. My mom is like that, too, but somehow I didn't get it.

Earlier this week, Rick Saenz posted on Looking forward to the unexpected. It was a needed reminder to be thankful for everything the Lord brings our way, even when it wasn't what we had planned. Sort of an expansion on Valerie's EGEATP.

Good night, and God bless y'all!