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Bible study, hymns, prayers

Bible Gateway: Searchable Bible in every version you can imagine, and most languages, too

Strong's Exhaustive Concordance with Hebrew and Greek Lexicon

1928 Book of Common Prayer

The Cyber Hymnal: Text of just about every hymn ever written, plus midi files of the tunes, and brief bios of authors and composers

Homeschool resources

AmblesideOnlineFree curriculum for those who want to pursue a Charlotte Mason style education at home; also includes free downloadable version of Mason's books, plus a modern paraphrase that can be read online for free

Memoria PressLatin books and more for a classical education, and lots of helpful articles

Resources for classical educators

1000 Good Books ListBefore your student reads the Great Books, you need to lay a proper foundation by having him read many good books, and this list is the place to start

Where to get used books



PaperBack Swap.


The Vivienne Files Timeless, Elegant, Classic, Simple, Unique, Beautiful.