Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Finally, some pictures.
We haven't yet found the uploading cable thingie, but Mike showed me how I can stick my camera's card into a slot in the printer and upload them from there. It's exceedingly slow, but hey, it works. :-)

This picture was taken from about 60' up the driveway from the street, facing almost due east.

Now we're about half-way up the driveway to the front of the house. That's a real antique streetlight there, from 1890 they said, but I never got a chance to ask the previous owners to tell me its story. The dormer you see there is the attic where the boys sleep. Mwa ha ha ha haaaa!

For this next picture, I was standing about half-way between the Jenyoowine Antique 1890 Streetlight and the Biggest Boxwood in the World looking north. That's a weeping cherry there near the bench and to the left of it you can just make out an iron arch that marks the entrance to the Secret Garden.

Well, this took a lot longer than I figured on, so that's all for tonight.

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