Thursday, April 26, 2012

Blogger is making some changes

and they're making it impossible for me. I don't know what the problem is, but they're not recognizing my username or password when I try to migrate my blog. I've had this blog since 2003, long before Google bought Blogger, so this is a legacy blog, as they call it.

I'm looking at other options, but if I can't resolve this, my blog at this address will die at the end of May. If nothing else, I'll just use Wordpress. I've already imported everything over there just to be sure I don't lose it, but this is still my blog home for now.


  1. What is it? I have not noticed any problems? I hope you can stay here, but if you migrate, we will go with you wherever you move, Kelly. I personally, do not like wordpress unless you pay for a domain and have more abilities, between free blogger and free wordpress, blogger to me has more options, but if you pay (which I have not been inclined to do), wordpresss is much more powerful.

    I guess it's also a matter of getting used to it. But I surely hope you can transfer your posts.


  2. Silvia, do you have the upgraded interface? The new ugly one that's like the new ugly Google Reader and the new ugly Gmail? I think that's the problem -- I'm still using the old one, but I haven't wanted to change because the new one doesn't work in Internet Explorer 8, and I don't want to have to use Google Chrome. Frankly, I'm getting sick of the Google Universe of Total Integration.

    If that's all it is, then I'll eventually migrate and nothing here will change. But see, I'm not sure that's the problem. They sent me an email saying, "Final reminder to update your legacy Blogger account... legacy accounts will no longer be accessible after May 30th, 2012 unless they are updated to the Google Account system. Any blog content associated with this account will also be unmodifiable after that date."

    Then there's a link to a page that says "Claim your blog." Only I can't log in there -- it doesn't recognize my Google login information, and when I try using my Blogger username it tells me I have the wrong password. When I click the "forgot my password" link, it sends me an email telling me to log in with my Google info, so I try to but it says "unkown user name."

    Catch 22.

    I've gone through the FAQs and worked through the help process, but there's no interaction with human beings -- it's just a series of multiple choice options, a flowchart really, to help you identify the problem, only there aren't any options that exactly fit my situation. When I select the closest option it eventually tells me to log in with my Google/Gmail information, but as I said, it doesn't recognize me when I do that.

    It's a pickle.

    Mike wants to buy a domain anyway, so if I can't solve this, he'll go ahead and get one soon. Then I'll use WP. You're right about the free version -- I hate it that the templates don't let me fiddle with them. I know some HTML/XML and I can do a lot with CSS, so I dislike not being able to customize a template.


    End of rant. It's a beautiful Lord's Day, and the 23rd birthday of my first born. I'll think about it tomorrow. ;-)


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