Monday, January 16, 2006

I'm trying to post something every day so that extra-wide post with the snow pictures that's messing up my sidebar will hurry up and drop off. Unfortunately I can't think of anything worth saying today. The alternative, I suppose, would be to find out if there's some code I need to learn so I can fix it.

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Yesterday I walked around the north side of property for the first time since we've been here. About half of the land is woods that are so overgrown with brambles I've just never bothered to venture out, but the kids have been busily cutting a trail around the perimeter since we moved in.

From the front door you walk west down to the wide grassy area that has to be kept clear on account of the fiber optic cable that lies buried there, then you turn northwest and follow that path along into the woods, and then turn west along the trail. The path is still fairly narrow and uneven, and it's wise to bring along a sturdy walking stick. You climb over a fallen tree and then walk along the edge of a ravine until you come to another fallen tree that makes a nice path when you get up on top of it. Several feet along the trunk you jump off and you've come to The Point - the place where the east-west ravine is met by the southwest-northeast one. The kids can scramble down that ravine and up the other side and come out behind our garage on the eastern edge of the yard, but until they finish the proposed footbridge I don't think I'll try it.

The smells were wonderful - that pungent, earthy, rotting-wood, leafy smell that was so much a part of my own childhood. I'm glad my children have this place.

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