Tuesday, January 17, 2006

I need my space
Tonight Mike took me out to a cute little seafood cafe just down the road from here. When we first went in there were only two other tables occupied, each in a corner on the far side of the place, so we took the booth in the third corner. I like being able to converse and not worry about being overheard. Shortly after we ordered, another pair came in and took the booth directly behind me, and then a family came in and took the table right beside us.

What's up with that? There was so much room for folks to spread out, but no, they had to sit right beside us and I had to listen to their conversations all night.

I hate it when people do that at the check out lane, too - stand so close behind me that I can practically feel their breath on my neck. I guess I'm just an abnormally private person, but when I'm in public amongst people I don't know, I really need my space.

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