Monday, November 29, 2010

What the best-dressed teapots are wearing this season


My latest knitting project, I made this tea cosy based on a pattern found here: Super Simple Tea Cosy Pattern Generator. You type in your teapot's circumference and the page generates a pattern that makes the cosy the right size.

I used wool left over from two projects -- the brown is from a scarf I crocheted my youngest son a few years ago, and the green is from a shawl I made my sister to help her through her first bout of leukemia. There wasn't enough of either one for anything, but I liked the way they looked together and thought they'd go well with the Brown Betty teapot my oldest daughter gave me for Christmas two years ago.

And it really is simple. I'm still learning to knit, so until now I've only made dish rags and one scarf, which was just a very loooong dish rag. This pattern is two rectangles that you sew together, leaving openings for the spout and handle. The brown yarn is thicker than the green, which is why the brown part is wider.

New-for-me stitches include making the lacing eyelets, using two colors at once, and making I-cord for the drawstring.

Here is Lily, demonstrating how to put on the tea cosy:

... and how to pour tea while hugging big sister:


  1. I love it! And the pictures. Thanks for sharing them.

  2. It's beautiful! Keep on knitting!


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