Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter Day

~Christina Georgina Rossetti (1830-1894)

Words cannot utter
    Christ His returning:
Mankind, keep jubilee,
    Strip off your mourning,
Crown you with garlands,
    Set your lamps burning.

Speech is left speechless;
    Set you to singing,
Fling your hearts open wide,
    Set your bells ringing:
Christ the Chief Reaper
    Comes, His sheaf bringing.

Earth wakes her song-birds,
    Puts on her flowers,
Leads out her lambkins,
    Builds up her bowers:
This is man’s spousal day,
    Christ’s day and ours.


  1. Christ is risen!

    I've been browsing through the poems you post, and it makes me so happy.

  2. He is risen indeed!

    Thanks for commenting, Gretchen. I post a lot of poems during April and off and on the rest of the year as something strikes my fancy -- Dana is my role model in this. I didn't know I LOVED poetry until I strarted reading it aloud with my kids every day a few years ago. :-)


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