Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Most popular posts on poetry

In honor of National Poetry Month...

I get more hits for two poems I've posted in the past than for anything else I've ever posted -- the fun  Mummy Slept Late and Daddy Fixed Breakfast, by John Ciardi, and the delicate A Mongoloid Child Handling Shells on the Beach, by Richard Snyder.

In Time, Death, and Poetry, my most popular post about poetry, I compare Edward Lear's "Calico Pie" and Tennyson's "Break, Break, Break" and describe some conversations my special needs child and I have had, and mention how poetry gives us words to talk about what we're feeling.

My personal favorite is the series I did in April of 2008.  I posted a poem a day all month long.  I wish I could get the archives to arrange things from oldest to newest instead of the other way around, because they need to be read in the proper order, so if you click that link, go to the bottom of the next page and start with April 1.  That year I set myself a challenge:
1) Every poem had to be one I already knew and loved (with one exception I'll mention later);
2) Each poem had to connect in some way to the one that came before (style, theme, mood, author, contrast...);
3) Each Sunday's poem had to be a Psalm;
4) There had to be something special for St George's Day on the 23rd; and,
5) The one exception, Dana had challenged me to post something by a poet laureate from my home state, so I had to find something new that I could love and that would naturally follow the previous poem.

At the beginning of the month I'd already decided on the first three or four poems, but after that it was kind of an adventure, finding each new day's poem.

What is your favorite poem?


  1. I am so coming back to this post... I had no idea it is Poetry Month.

    My favorite poem... I am one of those persons in love with whatever is at stake in the present time, so, my favorite poem is what I am reading, Hiawatha!

    I need to stop and think, though, to choose. If I choose Night in Arizona, by Teasdale, I have to say a poem, if I can say a full book or poet, I will choose A.A. Milne... but in raw honesty, I am so new at poetry, and there are SO MANY authors and poems I have not read, that I am going to need some good years to come back and say which is my favorite poem.

    1. I'm like that about Jane Austen -- my favorite of her novels is whatever I happen to have read most recently.

  2. So cool, Kelly.
    I will try and take the time to review your choices. I alway enjoy your posts ~


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