Sunday, April 27, 2014

Victimae paschali laudes

~ attributed to Wipo of Burgundy (995? - 1948?)
  tr. The English Hymnal, 1906

Christians, to the Paschal victim
offer your thankful praises!

A lamb the sheep redeemeth:
Christ, who only is sinless,
reconcileth sinners to the Father.

Death and life have contended
in that combat stupendous:
the Prince of life, who died,
reigns immortal.

Speak, Mary, declaring
what thou sawest, wayfaring:

"The tomb of Christ, who is living,
the glory of Jesus' resurrection;
Bright angels attesting,
the shroud and napkin resting.
Yea, Christ my hope is arisen;
to Galilee he will go before you."

Christ indeed from death is risen,
our new life obtaining;
have mercy victor King, ever reigning!

~*~ ~*~ ~*~

We sang this during communion Easter Sunday.  I couldn't find a good recording in English, but here's a nice Latin version:

And here's a luscious improvisation on the organ:

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