Thursday, April 3, 2014

Rain in Ohio

~ Mary Oliver (b. 1935)

The robin cries:  rain!
The crow calls:  plunder!

The blacksnake climbing
in the vines halts
his long ladder of muscle

while the thunderheads whirl up
out of the white west,

their dark hooves nicking
the tall trees as they come.

Rain, rain, rain! sings the robin
frantically, then flies for cover.

The crow hunches.
The blacksnake

pours himself swift and heavy
into the ground.


  1. Descriptive! nice choice for Spring

    .... so far, I culled a few from my *unpublished* category. We'll see how many days I can keep up. FWIW, I keep thinking that I'll put together a month's worth and create a little book, like the one's Shutterfly offers ~

    1. Oh, that's a really neat idea. I have some I'd like to do that with, too.


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