Friday, August 19, 2005

More pix

This one is of the back porch and garage. The plants in the foreground are "Autum Joy" sedum, red-orange daylilies, and a red hibiscus. That bed also contains several peonies, which I'm quite excited about since I've never had one of these beauties before. The large trees there are walnuts, and the smallish one at the back corner of the garage is a redbud.

Eleanor, this one is especially for you. Behind Princess Grace is the old smokehouse which the last owner was using for a potting shed. Isn't it cute? It still smells nice and smoky inside.

And this is the view from the window over my kitchen sink, looking south. Of course, the handsome gentleman you see is not usually standing there while I'm washing dishes, but I think he improves the view. :-D

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