Saturday, May 7, 2011

I love reading George MacDonald

He has such an interesting way of seeing things and then writing what he sees. This example is from the very opening paragraphs of The Princess and Curdie, which can be read online here.

A mountain is a strange and awful thing.... I will try to tell you what they are. They are portions of the heart of the earth that have escaped from the dungeon down below, and rushed up and out. For the heart of the earth is a great wallowing mass, not of blood, as in the hearts of men and animals, but of glowing hot, melted metals and stones. And as our hearts keep us alive, so that great lump of heat keeps the earth alive: it is a huge power of buried sunlight - that is what it is.


  1. Shari... what a finding. Thanks for sharing. I started reading it, found it fascinating, and I just searched for it in case I could afford a paper copy of it, and I found it at project Gutemberg for kindle.

    I'm excited!

  2. Sorry, Kelly, I called you Shari.

  3. That's okay. :-)

    Kindle is a good idea -- I hadn't thought of that (I'm still getting used to mine).


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