Friday, May 13, 2011


Especially for Dana.

This picture was taken a few years ago, but I don't have anything more recent. The tallish white flowering thing beyond the peonies is a flowering almond, which, sadly, means it's ornamental and doesn't produce any nuts. The blossoms are lovely -- some have four and some six petals, cup shaped, with a delicate yellow crown inside, but unfortunately don't have any scent. It's my favorite part of the garden this time of the year, mainly because the the rapturous frangrance of the peonies.

I think I'll go outside and smell them again right now -- they won't last much longer.


  1. How thoughtful of you, Kelly!

    You have quite a stand of peonies. Thanks for taking the time to share ;-)

  2. My peonies still aren't blooming- they are just 45 miles south, but here I still have the tight little balls for buds.

  3. But the good news that you do have peony BUDS this year, and you will have blooms soon.

  4. Yes, but the peonies that are budding are not the ones that were mowed down three years running. Those I planted outside my sunroom windows so the scent would waft in with the breeze. And the only thing growing there is weeds.

    Out of five peony bushes, the only one to survive is the one that can't be seen from within the house. I have to walk outside. Must be a plot.=)


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