Thursday, March 20, 2003

A few favorite online resources
I hope to get these links up on my sidebar someday, but until then...

Christine Miller's Classical Christian Homeschooling has information on classical education, suggestions for teaching the trivium, lists of recommended curricula, book reviews, ideas for teaching young children, suggestions for changing over from another od, plus tons of links to everything from archaeology and theology to semantics and politics.

The Underground Grammarian Richard Miller's articles, newsletters, and books online. My favorite is the book Graves of Academe: Why can't our nation read, write, cipher, or THINK? The Underground Grammarian takes on the American education establishment.

Carol Gerten's Fine Art Museum has works of art listed by artist's name and by nationality & time frame, so if you're looking for something in particular it's fairly easy to find. She also has a featured artists section with biographical information on over 150 artists, plus examples of their work. My favorite is Jan Vermeer.

The National Gallery of Art has a lot of cool stuff to look at, but it also has a gallery shop where you can buy reproductions, posters, books, and more. Be sure to check out the the online tour of Vermeer's "Woman Holding a Balance."

Just for fun
The Lord's Prayer in Old English with a sound file so you can hear it! Hey, I've learned the Lord's Prayer in Latin, so why not Old English? I'd like to memorize it this year.

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