Thursday, December 2, 2004

Multi-purpose blog post
First of all, thanks for the birthday wishes! I had a wonderful day - it's always my favorite when my birthday falls on Thanksgiving. There were 20 family members at my mom's for lots of yummy food, and we celebrated two birthdays besides mine. On Friday afternoon, my sister took me to her beauty shop for some psycho-therapy - that is, a shampoo, moisturizing treatment for my hair, scalp massage, and a manicure - and that evening we watched the local high school football team win their play-off, which will send them to the state championship game tomorrow night. On our way home on Saturday, we picked up a friend who will be visiting with us for the next three weeks, and that's been a real pleasure. Miss Kelly M. is so cheerful and helpful and she knows tons about good nutrition and has been teaching me some cooking techniques that make food better for you, like sponging bread before baking it and soaking oats overnight before cooking them for breakfast. We are still sewing for the ball and I'm getting pretty close to the panic stage, so if you happen to remember us before the Lord it would not be unappreciated. Special thanks go to Alexandra for her Thanksgiving comments below, which brings me to today.

Thankful Thursday
1. For a safe trip to Arkansas and back
2. For Kelly M. who has been such a pleasure to have around
3. For my 13 year old son who takes the four youngest children outside every morning for fun and excercise

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