Thursday, December 7, 2006

More house pics for Kelly P, since she asked so sweetly. :-)

Another angle of the living room. You'll notice that nearly all the furniture is slipcovered. This is because it's all shabby beyond belief. The majority of what we own is either hand-me-down or yard sale and thrift store purchase, and there are even a couple of things we picked up off the side of the road.

We found that trunk we're using for a coffee table in the attic of this house, the big couch was given us by my in-laws when we first married, the small couch and the end table came from my mom - Mom and Daddy bought that end table when they first married. The centerpiece bowl on the trunk is a bread bowl that was used by Mike's great-grandmother to make her daily biscuit in. You can't see them very well, but there's a small blue-painted end table next to my rocker and a narrow blue cabinet in the corner to the right of the window which, along with the recliner my son is leaning out on, were given to us by the previous owners of this house. The beautiful blue, white and green handmade quilt was a gift from the super-talented Mrs. McIntyre. I bought the rocker at a yard sale for $5 and the ship paintings were bought at a silent auction at our church for just a few dollars. Um, the lamps were all bought new. Darn. For a minute there I thought I had an entirely non-newly-purchased room. :-p

This is technically our back door, but it gets used like it's the front. No one's ever used our front door, except for the Seventh Day Adventist Jehovah's Witness ladies who came to visit once. I was in the middle of lessons and didn't have time for a long drawn out conversation, so I told them my husband was familiar with their publication and wasn't interested, and thanked them nicely for their time. They never came back. I think I've found the magic words! "My husband isn't interested." Feel free to use it if you ever need it. ;-)

This one's especially for Heather P. The missing third box of books arrived this afternoon!

The other wall in the Christmas room - you can see the banister in the mirror of those pics in the post below. The boys' room is upstairs, and that pile of junk on the stairs is stuff they're supposed to take up when they go. That's an entertainment center we bought second hand, but I use it to keep my grandmother's quilts in, and extra blankets and things. The lamp was a bequest from Mike's Great-aunt Celia, who passed away five years ago, and the clock was a hand-me-down from his parents.

The older girls' bedroom. They're not fond of peach and want it to be painted either pale blue or green. What do y'all think? The beds are a second-hand purchase, and the bedside table began life as a sewing machine table. My grandmother bought it for my mom when she was expecting me. Grandmother didn't like Mom lugging her huge, heavy Kenmore machine around when she was great with child. :-D

One of the few new purchases, we had an Amish man make these hope chests for our two eldest daughters and gave them to them for St. Nicholas day presents last night.

Mike picked up this dandy piece off the side of the road a few weeks ago. Needs a touch up here and there, but it's sturdy and has such beautiful lines. The rug was left here by the house's previous owners.

And that's all for tonight - I'm tired! Good night, sweet dreams...

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