Monday, September 5, 2011

Their skills have improved somewhat in the last five years

[From the archives, because I’m taking an antibiotic right now and feel generally lousy, but want to post something cheerful – originally posted April 28, 2006.]

Small children playing 20 questions

Child A: “I’m thinking of something.”
Child B: “Animal, vegetable, or mineral?”
Child A: “Mineral.”
Child C: “What is it?”
Child A: “Our goats! Your turn.”

Child C: “I’m thinking of something.”
Child A: “Animal, vegetable, or mineral?”
Child C: “Mama, is the table mineral?”
Mama: “No, it’s vegetable.”
Child C: “Vegetable.”
Child B: “Is it the table?”
Child C: “Yes!”


  1. Oh, this is hilarious...
    Hope you feel better soon, Kelly!
    It made me think of my girls' knock knock jokes, ha ha ha

  2. LOL! Knock knock jokes are the worst! Took forever for them to learn the concept so that what they said was actually funny. I mean, they always thought what they said was funny because we'd laugh hysterically, but we were laughing at how unfunny it was.


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