Thursday, August 23, 2012

You can listen to me on Blogtalkradio tomorrow night

Scott Terry is hosting a round table discussion on making the transition from a suburban to a rural and agrarian life and has invited me and two other women to participate. You can hear the live broadcast, Transitioning to Rural Life, on Friday the 24th of August at 9:00 pm, Eastern time, or you can download the talk later and listen whenever it's convenient.

Whether you listen or not, y'all pray for me, okay?


  1. I will do the second for we will be at a home Bible study.

    That will be interesting. I heard your voice once and it is lovely.

    I am a bit jealous. I know not all is ideal from moving to a more rural place, but I know how unpoetic my suburbia life is, but on the other hand, if you listen to Him you can feel totally blessed, content and at peace in any place you are.

  2. Kudos, Kelly!

    Sending up a prayer to reduce jitters ;-)

    Dana in GA

  3. Thanks, ladies, I really appreciate it. :-)

    Silvia there are actually times I wish we could be back in the suburbs, so you're right: the most important thing is to learn to be content where ever you are.


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