Monday, December 17, 2012

Old Applejoy's Ghost

Frank Stockton is one of my favorite storytellers and this is one of my favorite of his stories. It is a Christmas story set some where in America -- where isn't specified but given the description of a colonial Christmas, I've always pictured it happening in Virginia. Enjoy!

Illustrations by Ben Wohlberg


  1. Thanks, I will. Now we are delighted by ETA Hoffmann's Nutcracker, but I am going to try to read this after. I love the illustrations.

    Nice to read you always, Kelly.

    1. Thanks, Silvia. The illustrations are from a big Reader's Digest Christmas book I have that contains recipes, crafts, traditions, poetry, and prayers, in addition to stories.

      I've just realized how puny my collection of Christmas books is -- I remember reading the real Nutcracker story several years ago, and I actually saw a ballet once (on video, alas) that was closer to the original story. It used Tchaikovsky's music, but I think it must have rearranged it so it would fit the story better. I remember the Prince dancing the sad and beautiful Pas de Deux alone as he turned into the nutcracker, one limb at a time. I've never been able to find that video again, and I don't remember who the choreographer was -- so sad!

  2. Couldn't find a place to send a comment, so here is as good a place as any I guess! Missing your "voice" even if it is in print! Hope all is well and praying you all are enjoying summer days and God's grace!

    1. Oh, I used to have my email in the sidebar but I've made some changes and I guess it got lost. This is fine, though.

      Thanks for thinking of me! We've been awfully busy and I've been neglecting my Muse and I think she's abandoned me -- which is to say, we're all fine; I just haven't had anything to say on the blog for ages. But this afternoon I was as Goodwill with my son and found an old anthology of Ogden Nash's poems, which I bought and I've been laughing over it and found one in particular I thought I'd post here. It requires some formatting so I'll get to it when I have time to mess with it.



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