Thursday, October 23, 2014

Nature Notebook -- trying again

Silvia's posts on her nature walks and pictures of her and her daughters' nature notebooks always inspire to make this a habit of my own.  I didn't like the way my pencil sketches were turning out, so I bought myself a set of watercolors.

We have a row of crape myrtles along the driveway and on my walk this morning, the patterns on the bark caught my attention, so this afternoon I attempted to paint the trunks of one of the trees.

This was mostly an exercise in mixing colors and trying get the general blotchiness of the bark.  I gave up trying to recreate it accurately.

I like this result a lot better than my pencils sketches of the Jerusalem Artichoke.


  1. I like it. It will only get better!

    1. I'm going to do this same tree again next time. I feel like I'm not really seeing it properly and I need more time with it.

  2. [Silvia had such interesting comments at Facebook that I asked her if I could post them here where they won't get lost and she agreed. Thanks, Silvia!]

    You got it! Welcome to the Winsor and Newton paints owners club! Aren't they so good quality?
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    I just wish they came with instructions!
    24 October at 11:08 · Like

    If you could sit by someone who knows, like I can sit by Heather Lee, that helps lots, I see what she does with mixing colors, and different brushes, and I think I am improving thanks to that.
    Give a general filling of color. Wait. And once dry, with a fine brush, you add outlines and details. I will ask Heather to tell me what youtube videos she has seen that have helped. Short videos that can inspire you each new time you set to draw.
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    Thanks -- I'll have to ask around. But you're saying don't start with the outline. That greenish-grey color was really hard to get, but next time I should start with it and get the whole general shape of the trunks and then later add the blotches and whatever outlining is needed?
    24 October at 11:15 · Like

    I start with outline, but not in a contrasted color, but I quickly fill up with a first base color, I would have used a greenish brown for outline, and filled up the whole trunks, then, with a very thin brush, I will add detail, and with the darker tones of the trees. The thick flat brush is good for blotching and doing texture. I will still work on this your drawing, now that it is dry. Your outline is great. Instead of using the watercolors like "pencils", try different strokes, and mess up a bit with textures, added layers, different brushes... if you "mess up", you can always wait till it dries, and with a thinner brush, and different color, paint on top.
    Have fun, and keep trying new crazy things.
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