Tuesday, February 24, 2004

An honest question
This is something that I've been wondering about for a couple of years, but I've never seen it addressed in a way that answered my questions.

I know a family that used to hold to covenant theology, but the husband became convinced that CT cannot be true because it is inconsistent. He saw that people who hold to CT want the blessings of the Old Covenant, but not the curses, but, he said, if the New Covenant is an extension of, or fulfillment of the Old, then you cannot have a covenant with blessings but not curses. In the end after much study, he decided that the New Covenant must something completely separate from the Old and he and his family became dispensational. (I hope I've been clear in summing up his position!)

So my question is, did he have a fair and accurate view of Covenant Theology? Does the New Covenant have only blessings and no curses?

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