Monday, September 1, 2014

What I've been doing instead of reading math

* Going to the Y and hurting myself on the treadmill.

* Going to the Y and hurting myself in the pool.

* Lying around regretting my life choices.

* Reading light, fluffy fiction -- Dandelion Cottage, free for Kindle, recommended by the Deputy Headmistress.

* Reading light, not-so-fluffy fiction -- The 101 Dalmatians, which was my favorite book in the 5th grade.  Bill Peet did a wonderful job translating the book to screen for Disney, but if you've only seen the movie you've got to read the book, too.  It's delightful and poignant.

* Playing an insane number of rounds of Net Game -- I can't tell you how soothing it is to line up all those pieces properly and see the whole thing light up with power.  It's like a drug.

My high score just before leaving town in July, which I have not been able to top since. 
This is driving me crazy.

* Also Mahjong, but it's not nearly as satisfying as Net.  Too much chance involved.

* Eating avocados, my number one comfort food.

~*~ ~*~ ~*~ Interruption ~*~ ~*~ ~*~

A moment of silence for this poor dead hummingbird my son just brought me.

So tiny and beautiful

The real thing is much smaller than this picture.  It's not even three inches long from the tip of its beak to the end of its tail and its wings are only a little larger than a dragonfly's.

~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~

Now, where was I?  Oh, yes. What I've been doing instead of reading math.

* Blogging stuff like this.

* Overseeing the final stages of our long-anticipated new laundry room.  I think we started this project four years ago now.

* Reading about right brain / left brain differences.

* Trying to read the backlog of Peter Leithart articles in my feed.  He must be an angelic being -- it seems that he has no need for sleep or food.  Just reading and comprehending what he writes about would be a full-time job for me.

* Instigating a heated discussion on Facebook, which didn't do anyone any good.

* Lying around regretting my life choices.

Wait.  Did I say that one already?

* More Net game.

* Coffee.  Lots of coffee.

* And chocolate.


  1. Avocados, coffee, chocolate, blogging, reading fluff--sounds more fun than moving, which is what I have been doing the last month instead of school reading and planning. BTW, I love the color of your laundry room. We really need to get together and see each other's houses this year. Our color choices (and activity choices) match up. Oh, and I am hoping, hoping, hoping to go to Circe in Charleston next summer. Road trip?

    1. Thanks, and yes, I'd love to get together with you. Let me know when y'all are settled in and we'll have you all out for supper.

      I'm planning on CiRCE again this year -- A Contemplation of Harmony. Can't wait. We should definitely travel together.

  2. You are so funny. I have also been blogging, and reflecting on your musings about those music lessons that never happened... lol... in a few years it will be fun to see which become some of the life choices I will get to regret!

    If it is any consolation, I now walk with a neighbor... we used to run, until she hurt her leg, how?, we still have no clue.

    Beautiful hummingbird... sigh...

    1. I have an old back injury that gets aggravated if I'm not careful, but recently my chiropractor told me that it's because of my foot -- I'm walking funny on one foot, and that makes my knee hurt, and then it makes my hips hurt, and my lower back, and all the way up to my shoulders and neck. So I've seen a physical therapist and she said that it's my ankle on that side -- it's weak and I'm rolling out a bit then overcompensating when I swing the leg forward so I'm crossing the midline which throws everything else off.

      So that's what I've been doing on the treadmill. Normally I walk a lot on our driveway but it's gravel and uneven, and I need practice on a perfectly smooth surface.

      In the pool -- well, I hurt my shoulder. It another old injury -- from what, I don't know, except I don't remember it hurting before we started swing dancing a few years ago, so maybe I did something then.

      This stuff is supposed to make you stronger, make you feel better, right?

  3. Hang in there! I hope your injuries heal up. Did the PT give you any ankle-specific exercises? I have some, from when mine didn't recover from a sprain properly. They helped a lot (and I need to get back to them.) I'll share what I remember if you like.

    1. Actually (long backstory!) I was getting Vertimax training from Theresa at Dr Pallotti's office, and she had the PT take a look at my ankle to see what what happening, so they put me on the treadmill. The PT pointed out to Theresa what was happening and they talked a bit about what to do, so Theresa had me doing toe raises (what do you call that? It's a releve in ballet) with my feet in three positions -- straight forward, turned out, and turned in. I can do them on the floor, or on a step for a harder workout. That, and just being conscious of keeping my big toe firmly planted when I'm standing or walking.

      If you've got anything more that would be great -- I finished my Vertimax sessions in early July and haven't been able to start back up yet, which I'm planning to do as soon as it's not so beastly hot any more.


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