Wednesday, October 14, 2015

I suppose it's possible . . .

. . . to be reading too many books at once.


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    1. I suppose the dangers are 1) that I'll get the books confused with each other, or 2) I won't manage to finish anything. So far, these books are different enough that 1 hasn't been a problem.

      Whether is a problem remains to be seen. :-p

    2. 2. Whether 2 is a problem . . . .

  2. That's more than I've ever tackled at once, and that's saying something. :-)

    1. Some of them are ongoing reading, the kind that I'm never finished with -- Bible, Prayer Book, Daily Office (in the white box under Marie Kondo), and John Donne. For my apprenticeship I'm reading The Odyssey and Norms and Nobility, then because the author of N&N mentioned Barfield's Saving the Appearances I've started reading it. I'm reading The Wind in the Willows with my Literature and Writing students, and I'm scanning over that copy of Henry V to see if it's the version I want to use with them in the spring. And because I've never taught an actual L&W class I decided to read the section on how Lewis tutored his students in Reading the Classics with CSL. That's a book I've never read straight through -- I just read bits of it when something catches my interest. The math books are part of my ongoing study of the Mathematics as liberal art, and teaching math to children. I'm reading Till We Have Faces with a book club, so some of the other reading is related to that. Then there's a commonplace book and two journals, plus some articles I printed out and need to decide whether to keep.

      Then there's Marie Kondo -- I'm loving that book! This week I'm doing the household supplies category. It's been such a great help. I'm starting to really feel the difference in the house.


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