Sunday, October 25, 2015

Saint Crispin's Day festivities

Last night we had our annual bash -- a bonfire/cookout/St Crispin's Day feast/Henry V/Medieval everything party. Some guests come in costumes and we give a prize to the crowd's favorite. We set up an archery range and take turns shooting. We play Medieval music, several of the menfolk put on the first part of Act IV, Scene II of Shakespeare's Henry V, the part with The Famous Speech, and this year we sang Non nobis Domine at the suggestion of one of our guests.

But the highlight of the festivities is always the dragon tail we serve.

We neglected to take a prettied-up picture of it

Creepy, isn't it?

Work in progress

Eldest Daughter has made it for us every year and I usually decorate it, but this year my youngest son asked to be in charge of decorating, so we bought him some fondant and told him to go to YouTube and figure out how to work with it, since we've never used it before.

I think it turned out really well.


  1. do you live in Wooton Major? Love LOVE this! what fun!

    1. Oh, my! No, we live in Ham, along with Farmer Giles. I had to google Wootton Major. I can't believe there's another Tolkien story out there I'd never heard of. Thanks, Heidi dear!

  2. Super creative, I love it!! I bet everyone had great time in this party. I also had fun time in Saint Crispin's Day festivities. This event had been organized at some local event venues NYC.

  3. That is amazing!!!! And yes, a little scary!!! But I'd love to eat some all the same!!


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