Monday, September 12, 2005

Ask the BadgerMum
When Valerie was visiting me she said, "You've got to talk to M. about her garden - she's having some trouble," and I said, "Oh, no, I really don't know much about gardening - I'm still such a beginner myself." But then, on the following Sunday, we were at M's house for lunch after church, and she mentioned that her squash vines had been growing like crazy but that they hadn't gotten any fruit. So I told her the little bit I know about squash - they have male and female blossoms which only open in the morning and showed her how to tell the difference, and that if there aren't any pollinators buzzing about accomodating the female blossoms the gardener will just have to do the job himself with a Q-tip. I also suggested she be sure the garden has adequate daylight and water, and offered some suggestions for companion plants to attract pollinators. In other words, I know more about gardening than I realize I do. I just need someone to ask for advice.

When I first started this blog, even though I'm not what St. Paul would call an older woman, since my kids are all still at home, I am an older sister. After 17 years of marriage and homemaking, after having seven very different babies (some dreamy, some active, some compliant, some stubborn, one special needs, all very "creative"), and homeschooling for eleven years, I'm farther down the road than lots of moms and I can at least tell you what I've learned so far, or what to read for more information, and some mistakes to avoid. But I don't really feel like I know much, and I'm no good at posting Advice just out of the blue.

[Paranthetical thought: Hey! Does this tie in to Valerie's recent post on spiritual gifts, or what?]

So, anyway... go ahead, ask me questions. How can I help you in your calling as daughter, sister, wife, or mother?

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