Tuesday, January 11, 2005

January is dejunking month at our house
I learned this tradition from Margaret in Virginia, and it's a great way to stave off the winter blues. This year, we began our official dejunking season on December 26 - Boxing Day. There is an orphanage in Mexico that is a mission of our church, and one of our men goes down there about every other month to take supplies and money, and to help with whatever needs to be done, so on the afternoon of Christmas, we packed up some canned goods as well as outgrown clothes and toys that were still in good condition and took them to church with us the next day. The rest of this month I'll be going through our house and packing up the best things that we don't need anymore for the orphanage. The rest of the clutter will go either to the trash or the local thrift store, depending upon which destination is most fitting.

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