Monday, January 10, 2005

This is a terrible oversight!
I haven't posted a quiz yet this year and I simply must remedy the situation at once! (I wonder if Richard will come over here and count my exclamation marks!)

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What Style of Thinker Are You?

You are an Abstract Sequential thinker. You are
Analytical, Thorough, Structured, Deliberate,
Objective, Knowledgeable, Logical, and

What you do best is: Gather data before making
decisions, Analyzing ideas, Researching,
Providing logical sequence, Using facts to
support theories, Completing jobs thoroughly.

You do not do well when trying to: Deal with a
subject quickly, Repeat the same tasks, Follow
lots of specific rules, Listen to Sentimental
thinking, Express emotion, Not monopolize a
conversation about a subject that interests

You prosper with: Using well-researched data,
Learning more by watching than doing, Using
logical reasoning, Having a teacher who is an
expert on a subject, Working through an issue
thoroughly, Appreciation for your input, and
Plenty of time to work.

What style of thinking are you?
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(Many thanks to Summer for posting this fun quiz!)

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